A Year with Men

A 12-Month Plan for Your Guys’ Group

John Eldredge and Luke Eldredge

A One-Year Experience with a Fellowship of Like-Minded Men

As men, we’re meant to live in community…yet few of us actually do.

It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s just that we’re unclear on how to go about it.

That’s why we created this guide. A Year with Men is your roadmap for focused time with a group of like-minded men. In the span of twelve months, you and a handful of guys will undertake a shared weekly mission through five units:

  • Wild at Heart
  • We All Have a Story
  • Becoming a King
  • HBO Band of Brothers
  • Fathered by God

But this isn’t your typical men’s study. We’ve built in lots of breaks for joy and activities. In between each unit, there are weeks to go out and do something fun together as well as one big off-the-grid adventure your group will undertake.

This invitation into authentic community is both life-changing and rare. Through conversations, questions, stories, and adventure, you’ll discover the man God created you to be. It is nothing less than a journey of restoration, transformation, and healing of the masculine soul.* Designed for use with accompanying video series sold separately. See links below for details.


A Year with Men is your roadmap for focused time with a group of like-minded men. Here are links to all the resources referenced in the book.

Unit #1 – Wild at Heart

Unit #2 – We All Have a Story

Unit #3 – Becoming a King

Unit #4 – HBO Band of Brothers

Unit #5 – Fathered by God

Additional Group Study Options

Looking for more? Here are some options. You can use them if you’ve finished your first year and are looking for what to do next—either on your own or together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does every man in a group need their own copy of A Year with Men?
    Yes, every man in the group—including the leader—will want the guide since it includes reading material and questions for each unit. Leader notes are included within A Year with Men.
  2. Does a group also need to purchase copies of Wild at HeartBecoming a King, and Fathered by God?
    This is not mandatory, but up to each leader to decide. A Year with Men is designed to work with just the videos and the self-contained content/questions for each session. For groups who have decided to also read these books, A Year with Men notes which chapter to read by session within those units.
  3. What does it cost to lead a group?
    As a leader, you will need to buy a copy of A Year with Men and be responsible for securing the videos for your group to watch each week. If you choose for your group to also read Wild at HeartBecoming a King, and Fathered by God, you’ll also need a copy of those books. Each participant would be responsible for purchasing their own book(s) unless you choose to do so. For any group activities, each man should pay their portion of the total cost.
  4.  Does A Year with Men work for a virtual group?
    A Year with Men is best experienced in person, together, at a local level. That said, we realize there are exceptions and some groups will choose to meet virtually. For virtual groups, the guys will need to individually watch each week’s video prior to the online gathering. They will be responsible for securing access to the videos. Tech-savvy leaders may choose to arrange for their groups to watch the videos together online, but Wild at Heart cannot provide advice on platforms or how to set this up. Virtual groups will also need to adapt in terms of the suggested “Get Out and Do” activities between sessions and the annual Adventure Together the book describes.

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