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January 24, 2021

Life wins. Sometimes now, especially if we will pray. But life wins fully, and very soon.   Just as we must fix our eyes on Jesus when we pray, we must also fix our hearts on this one undeniable truth: life will win. When you know that unending joy... READ MORE

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The Masculine Heart

In Part 2 of the series, Bart, Morgan, and JD join John to name how these challenging times uniquely impact the heart of a man.

193 | Steven Hanna: Photography and Light

The stunning images of two-time, award-winning Northern Ireland photographer Steven Hanna has captured the imagination and praise of countless people...including Sam and Blaine....

074: Experiential Therapy with Bill Lokey

Experiential therapy has been a profound conduit of the River of Life for me and for many; it is one of the great modalities of therapy and healing to consider in our toolbox for...

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Partnering to Advance Jesus' Story

October 27, 2020

Dear Friends, I’d like to remind everyone that Jesus is still the main story in the world. If you’re taking in any news at all, you can feel like the world is unraveling into madness. Certainly here... READ MORE

Staci Eldredge

Waiting in the Desert

December 08, 2020

“I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.”  (Hosea 2:14) God leads all his people into the desert at one time or another. Why? Is it to bring harm or to bring rich goodness? ... READ MORE

Morgan Snyder

New Podcasts from Other Platforms

December 11, 2020

I’ve had the privilege of featuring the mission and message of Become Good Soil and Becoming a King on over 50 different podcast platforms this past year. My intention was to offer authentically,... READ MORE

Bart Hansen

Paul Lavelle: A Hero for the Kingdom

August 21, 2019

So much of what is cool about Wild at Heart is the ministry that spins off of what Wild at Heart does. In the spirit of that, I want to tell a story about Paul Lavelle, who attended a Wild at Heart... READ MORE