Platinum Collection - 1 - Heart of a Man

Platinum Collection - 1 - Heart of a Man

Ten Years in the Making...

Recorded in the mountains of Colorado, The Platinum Collection Audio is the complete and best of the sessions from Wild at Heart Boot Camp.  With never before released sessions, added conversations with the Wild at Heart Team, live question and answer, and a guide for reflection, this truly is the ultimate collection of teachings to help a man recover his heart.

Every man dies.  Few men ever really live.

This collection includes: 

    • The Heart of a Man
    • Epic - The Larger Story
    • The Poser
    • Healing the Wound
    • The New Name
    • A Battle to Fight
    • An Adventure to Live
    • Men Talking About Women
    • The Stages of the Masculine Journey Live
    • Sonship - Receiving God as Father
    • Fighting for the Hearts of Your Children
    • Bonus Q&A



Approximately 20 hours, 23 minutes.

Note:  If you choose to download this resource and then burn it onto discs, it will require approximately 22 CDs.

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