Section 4: FAQ

Why doesn’t the schedule include typical retreat elements like worship music or communion?

Because this isn’t a typical men’s retreat. Trust us on this one. You’ll see why later.

Do I need to follow the 4-day schedule?

If you would like to publicly list your BASIC on our website for anyone to find and attend then yes, we require you to follow the schedule exactly. The reason we require you to follow the schedule is because we’re promoting the BASIC listings on our website to thousands of people each month and guaranteeing they’re all lead the exact same way. Also, through more than a decade we’ve learned this schedule works.

That being said, we’re certainly behind you if God is leading you to host on a different schedule. We will happily bless any schedule you choose including weekly for 11 weeks. If you’d like to host a BASIC and deviate from the BASIC schedule laid out in this Facilitator’s guide, make sure you register your BASIC and then choose the option to remove it from the website listings. This way you’ll still receive your note taking guides and all of the BASIC benefits.

What about meals?

Choose simple, ready-made meals. Don’t require prep of the attendees. If prep and cleanup take more than 10 minutes, we recommend having a dedicated person not involved in the event to do it. Meal time—not the sessions—is also the chance to make any “housekeeping announcements.”

Can you facilitate this alone?

You can, but we encourage you to find a partner or a small team to help. It’s always better not to fly solo when possible.

Should you charge men to attend BASIC?

We don’t recommend doing so. We provide our content and notebooks to you at no charge. Our assumption is the only additional costs would be meals and perhaps a facility charge. Some facilitators choose to absorb these costs. Others charge a minimal fee to each attendee.

Why can’t I use the DVDs?

We want to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of each session. Free downloads of these are available here.

You’ll want to use a laptop that has an HDMI output to connect to your TV or projector.

Does attending BASIC fulfill the requirement for Advanced and Become Good Soil?

Yes, when you attend BASIC it’s just like attending a Boot Camp. Your attendance at BASIC meets the requirement to attend both Advanced as well as Become Good Soil.

What is the Facilitator Touch Point referenced in the schedule?

A Facilitator Touch Point is a time for your group of facilitator’s to gather together and check in with each other and with God. You may use this time to pray for each other and for your attendees and to ask God for direction into your BASIC.

What are the ground rules for BASIC?

Great question. It starts with pledging absolute confidentiality. Nothing shared in BASIC gets repeated outside the group, unless specific permission is given. This is vital, as the mission is to create the most safe and sacred environment for a man to encounter God in the depths of his masculine soul.

Next, commit to the technology-free dimension of this event. Again, this is a full-immersion experience. It’s your responsibility to create a distraction-free and unplugged environment where men can encounter God. BASIC is a beautiful and rare chance to receive from God, distraction-free. Be strategic and proactive in securing, and providing an emergency contact number.

Facilitators, be slow to offer advice. Let God lead this. Less is more. Give room for God, and he will show up.

Prayer is the backbone. It’s not a religious act—it’s the lifeblood of God’s supernatural work in and through BASIC. Pray before, consecrating the men, the space, and every aspect of the mission. Pray during, and ask a few you trust to serve as intercessory prayer warriors for these four days. Pray after—against retaliation, and for the full enforcement of Heaven for what God is doing. It will be the difference between inspiration and transformation.

See it through to the end. You’ll face opposition. It’s all part of his training for your role in the Kingdom. Don’t lose heart. You’re not alone. And you’re dangerous, in a really good way. See it through, and he’ll give you every resource you need for it to be realized.

Finally, give us feedback. We want to invest in you. We want to invest in your men so that your communities will be strengthened and become a center for God’s Kingdom advancement. Every bit of feedback helps us offer more.

Lastly, we’re proud of you and admire your courage to give it a try.

You’ll never regret it.

You are rare.

The lives of many rest in the courage of a few.

Strength and Honor,
The Wild at Heart Team