Section 2: Before your BASIC

Anyone can facilitate a BASIC if they have a heart to help men and a willingness to partner with us in following the guidelines we’ve laid out for you. As a facilitator, you agree to offer the full four-day BASIC experience, adhering to the details, not adding to or subtracting from any of the content. You also agree to provide us with feedback so we can continue to improve BASIC for future events.

Choose your date

Important: BASIC requires four days (usually Thursday afternoon through Sunday at noon).

Choose your men

This guide is designed for a group of four to eight men, but it will work for any size.

Choose your location

This is a full-immersion experience. It’s your responsibility to create a distraction-free and unplugged environment where men can encounter God. We recommend renting a cabin or finding a facility that is removed from everyday life.

Invite your guys

The following materials can be found in the marketing folder of the downloads section:

  • PDF poster 
  • PDF flyer
  • Video trailer 
  • Email invite templates
  • BASIC logo and graphics

When you agree to facilitate a BASIC, you're agreeing to maintain the look and feel of a Captivating event—including the integrity and use of the BASIC logo. 

lf you plan to create materials beyond what Wild at Heart provides, it's important you:

  1. only use the BASIC logo provided—without adding or taking away any design elements
  2. not create your own BASIC logo or hybrid design
  3. remember, although this is a local gathering, it is part of a larger movement that already has an established look and feel.

Thanks for helping us stay true to every aspect of BASIC at your facilitated event - including the use of the Wild at Heart name and logo.

Get yourself ready

Read the book Wild at Heart before the event. Watch all the downloadable BASIC video sessions ahead of time so you’re familiar with the content. We want to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of each session. These are available for free download in Section 5.