Stages of the Masculine Journey Live, Part 02
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Stages of the Masculine Journey Live, Part 02

How does a man become a man--and know that he is one?  For centuries, boys and men followed a process of masculine initiation, a journey God put in the heart of every boy.  But we lost that, about the same time we lost a father-centered view of the world, and lost so many of our own fathers.  Most men, and most boys growing up these days, have no man to guide them in their journey to become a man.  But there is hope.


Join John Eldredge as he reveals how God comes to a man as Father, and invites him on a journey of masculine initiation.  John walks through the stages of the journey--from Boyhood to the Cowboy, the Warrior, the Lover, the King, the Sage--and shows us how we can offer this to our sons as well.


This resource was previously released under different titles:  The Masculine Journey and Fathered by God Live.


Approximately 2 hours, 25 minutes.

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