Raising Girls, Part 01

Raising Girls, Part 01

Raising Girls takes us into a very different world--twirling skirts, pretty shoes, tea parties and tree forts.  If you have girls or were once a girl, yourself, you will resonate with the experiences of our team--mothers and fathers who have raised or are raising girls.

As moderator, John asks the women to recall childhood memories--their hearts' desires, how they were raised, and how these experiences impacted their hearts.  They then share what it is like walking in the role of mothering their girls.  John invites our team fathers to relate what it is like being a father in a feminine world--a world so different from the masculine experience.  They share some of the fears, failures, successes, and joys they've experienced while raising their girls.

Explored here is the heart of a little girl--what she wants, what she needs, and what makes her heart come alive as she begins to ask the questions, “Do you see me? Am I lovely?”  The challenge of raising teenage girls is discussed, too.  There is something about bestowing identity to a little girl that is central to who she is as a woman.  Yet, it is never too late to do this with a girl or a young woman in your life.

We, also, look at how women who weren't raised well as girls can recover their feminine heart--at the healing that takes place when a woman asks God to Father her.

The stories shared in this 4th Volume of Conversations with Wild at Heart are of brokenness and redemption, heartache and delight, and the beauty that emerges when a young girl or a woman knows--she is truly . . . deeply . . . loved.


Approximately 1 hour, 41 minutes.

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