Throughout the year, John sends out newsletters about his recent thoughts and the ministry's recent history. 
March 20, 2017

Over the years we have been sharing the joys of discovering lost treasures together. 


What a life-changing experience it has been to uncover the personality of Jesus! Or how about learning that we can hear his voice, and all the blessings... READ MORE

February 15, 2017

First, a big thank you from the team here at Wild at Heart. I reached out at the end of last year to ask for your support, and I wanted to tell you the result: We made our end-of-the-year budget, right on target, with a few dollars to spare! God... READ MORE


  2016 December Merry Christmas
  2016 November We need you
  2016 October Hope
  2016 September Soul Care
  2016 August We Live Forever
  2016 July Spirit of the age
  2016 May Disappointment in Prayer
  2016 March Story
  2016 February Consecration
  2016 January Attention to Prayer
  2015 December Renewal of Creation
  2015 November Give the Message Away
  2015 October Transformation
  2015 September We are Branches
  2015 July Invitation Only
  2015 June What am I Doing with the Void?
  2015 May Thank you
  2015 April Healing for the Soul
  2015 Feb/March What are you looking at?
  2015 January Will you come with me?
  2014 December The Availability of the Kingdom
  2014 November Taking This Message Throughout the World
  2014 October Free to Be Me
  2014 September Killing Lions... Marriage
  2014 August Identity
  2014 July Is the Bible important?
  2014 June Share Your Discovery
  2014 May Enforcing the Kingdom
  2014 April Pursuing Wholeness
  2014 March What You Do with Disappointment
  2014 February It Would Transfom Your Daily Life...
  2014 January  Find Me
  2013 December Restoring Hope
  2013 November Pressing in
  2013 October Connect, Pray, Give
  2013 September Embracing Ourselves
  2013 August Beauty Forged Through Suffering
  2013 July Becoming Myself
  2013 June This Beautiful Mission
  2013 May Deeper Refuge in Christ
  2013 March/April We Need Love
  2013 February Strengthen Your Heart
  2013 January An Absolute Utter Relief
  2012 December Eagerly Awaiting
  2012 November Radical Generosity
  2012 October Hope
  2012 September Church
  2012 August Shaping Your Perception
  2012 July Trust the Larger Story
  2012 June Apart from Me You Can Do Nothing
  2012 May Hope
  2012 April Look at Me
  2012 March The Rush to New

2012 January

Thoughts and Questions for a New Year
  2011 December Advent
  2011 November OutlawCast
  2011 October Finally, Jesus
  2011 September Beautiful Outlaw
  2011 August The Son of God Becomes a Son of Man
  2011 July We Are Desperate for Jesus
  2011 June Cunning
  2011 May What Are You Doing for Groundedness?
  2011 April Fierce Intentionality
  2011 March Suffering
  2011 February Jesus Offers...
  2011 January The Playfulness of Jesus
  2010 December Let's Stop, and Find Jesus
  2010 November And So We Give Thanks
  2010 October How Do You Relate?
  2010 September Joy Is Opposed
  2010 August Union with Me
  2010 July The Sabbath
  2010 May My Heart
  2010 April Do What Makes You Strong in Christ
  2010 March Knowing the True Jesus
  2010 February Romance Requires Freedom
  2009 December The End of the Great Battle
  2009 November Love and War—Agreements
  2009 October Love and War... and Sex
  2009 September Love and War
  2009 August Epic and Intimate
  2009 June Hard Work and Sabbath
  2009 April Fathered by God
  2009 March The Personality of Jesus
  2009 February Church
  2008 December God Is with Us
  2008 November Economy, Politics, and Walking with God
  2008 September Sonship and Following
  2008 August Desire
  2008 June Build a Bigger Fire
  2008 March Walking with God
  2008 February Feedback Request and Mission
  2007 December My Love
  2007 November Make a Right Judgment
  2007 October The Battle for Joy
  2007 September Happy Little Life
  2007 August Looking Under the Hood
  2007 July The Utter Relief of Holiness
  2007 June We Need You
  2007 May What He IS Giving
  2007 April Learning to Hear God's Voice
  2007 March Forgetting
  2006 December Advent
  2006 October Disrupted
  2006 July Stepping out of the Battle
  2006 May Renewal
  2006 March New Directions
  2005 December Christmas
  2005 September The Kingdom of God
  2005 June Desperately Wicked?
  2005 March Suffering and Breakthrough
  2004 December Thanks
  2004 September All That I Have Spoken to You Remains True
  2004 June Beauty
  2004 April Need for Life
  2004 February Know Who He Is
  2003 December Remember
  2003 October The Path of Life and the Wild Goose
  2003 August Major and Minor Themes
  2003 May Fellowship
  2003 February The Thief
  2002 December The Mighty One
  2002 September Things Are Not as They Seem
  2002 June Your Heart Is Good
  2002 March Impact on Lives