Section 1: Welcome

Start by watching this short message from Morgan Snyder.

Welcome to a fellowship of kings. 
Well done. You’ve found yourself on the narrow path, my brother. You are among the few of a growing tribe of like-hearted and maturing kings. Together, let’s dive in.

By choosing to lead a Becoming a King Retreat (BAKR), you are joining a global fellowship of men choosing masculine initiation as the interpretive grid and narrative arc for every moment of their lives. 

Your role is both simple and profound, requiring vulnerability, humility, and deep strength.

This event is for your heart as well as the participants. 

Rest assured that it is not up to you: your mission is to carry the message but not the man. God will come through—it's what he loves to do. 

How it works

You’ll notice that some of the content and videos are available here. Other content is locked. To access the rest of the free content, register your event here. In the registration process, you can choose whether your event is searchable (open to anyone interested in attending) or unsearchable (a private event you’re hosting by invitation only). While some BAK retreats are most effective as a private event (therefore unsearchable) to serve a select fellowship of men who are already doing life together, we strongly recommend making your event searchable so we can promote your event at and and help local men find you.

By registering your event, you not only access all the material and resources you need to make your event successful, you also connect with our team so we can offer you more unique support, partnership, and exclusive opportunities along the way.

When you’re ready, register your Becoming a King Retreat by clicking the link in Section 6: Registration.