Session 7
What’s Next?

In the beginning of the human story, God makes it clear that he intends to partner with us in his beautiful unfolding work in the world.

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Adam and Eve were not only created in God's image, not only given this gorgeous world as a wedding present...but were invited into the closest circle of the Trinity to join God as his intimate allies in the wildest story ever.

And again, in the life of Jesus, we see the invitation repeated – he calls us, redeems us, heals us, and then gives us an incredible place in the unfolding story of redemption.

The deepest longings of your heart echo this invitation – those longings to be part of a heroic fellowship, to dare unspeakable odds, to fight for beauty and redemption in the world, with the Jesus you love. We are now very late in this story; darkness has nearly enveloped the world. There are tremors that the return of Jesus is imminent. Very imminent. And in this hour, this incredible hour, God is asking us once again to partner with him – to rescue every human heart we can reach before the curtain goes down on this act, and the new heavens and earth come.

Friends, we invite you to join us in reaching the hearts of men and women, to rescue, to bring them into a life they don’t yet know is available. Share the message every way you can. Tell people about the healing that is available. Share a copy of Wild at Heart or Captivating with someone you know. Lead some folks in a group through the Wild at Heart Experience. It will be one of the most rewarding and beautiful things you’ve ever been part of. We promise.


  1. Read Wild at Heart or Captivating and share it with someone you know.
  2. Dive deeper into this message with the Wild at Heart Podcast and Wild at Heart App.
  3. Lead others in a group through the Wild At Heart Experience.

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