39 - 2020.1.29 - Identity Theft

Join us as we dive deeper into the beautiful truths of who we are in Christ and what our magnificent God has accomplished for us!  Growing in our practice of resting in these truths helps us to guard against Identity Theft — the enemy’s #1 tool to keep us from living in the love and power of God. 

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>Start at 1:35 and end at 2:39

Worship Set for January 29, 2020


38 - 2019.4.24 - Rise AND Rest

God moves mountains through imperfect people.  That's really good news for all of us.  Join Stasi as she mines from the book of Esther treasures that apply to our lives today.


Video Clips

Friday Night Lights - Season 1, Episode 1. -  42:01 to (Start of credits)
Anna & The King - 24:42 to 25:06 spliced with 32:05 to 33:26


Worship Set from April 2019


37 - 2019.3.20 - Intimacy

"For behold, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone."  Song of Solomon 2:11

Where is winter for you?  Where are you feeling frozen, buried, the ground of your soul hardened?  Where do you need Jesus to come with His Rivers of refreshing? Because your Frozen Places are the very places He wants to meet you.  Join Stasi for this months Women at the Well.

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One Night with The King (Youtube clip): https://youtu.be/Ob8DTU_m-aI End at 4:40


36 - 2019.2.20 - Naomi, an Unsung Hero

Join Stasi as she unpacks the book of Ruth highlighting Naomi as well as the treasured characteristic of God's Hesed and how He mercifully multiplies what we have to offer even when it isn't very much.


Video Clip 
Syrian Refugees (Youtube clip): https://youtu.be/hiujzFNgHcE



34 - 2018.11.14 - The Nobilty, the Dignity and the Cost of Being a Woman

Join Stasi and guest Emilie Eldredge as they unpack the honor of being a woman in these Shadowlands. “Through loss upon loss, I have severely gained.”  George MacDonald.


33 - 2018.10.17 - The Ladder of Love

What does loving have to do with joy? Everything. Join Stasi as she shares about the stages of Loving and how, as we progress up the ladder of Loving God – it increases our joy and bears good fruit to all those around us.


Video clips from October 2018

Enchanted April - 00:41:48 - 00:44:08



32 - 2018.9.26 - The Invitation

Christianity all turns on an invitation from the Lord of all. Matthew 11:28 says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. To "come" means: to draw nearer, to move toward, move with a purpose, to advance, to go forward, rise in rank.

You are invited to draw near. You are invited to drink of the living water, to rest in Jesus, to know Him and to follow Him.

An Invitation has been extended to us ultimately to believe that the Gospel is all true. God is who He says He is and we are who He says we are.


31 - 2018.5.23 - A Turning of the Heart

John and Stasi Eldredge share that though when we become overwhelmed with our life, we sometimes want to "run away from home", our true Home is found in God.  The invitation is to live a life present to and whole hearted with Him. Through a time of guided prayer, we discover what is in the way of that and invite Jesus in.


Video clips from May 2018

The Wizard of Oz - https://youtu.be/Y-Y9eQAFYdg



30 - 2018.3.21 - Sorrow to Joy

Join Stasi as she shares about the victory Jesus has won for us and the key to unlocking joy in our lives in every season of life.

Though one of Jesus’ names is the Man of Sorrows – let us not forget that even as he suffered for the cause of Love – it was the joy that was set before him that propelled him forward. He is the Man of Sorrows, yes, but he also the God of Joy. In the midst of the sorrows of our lives - in the midst of our travails, our trials and our celebrations, we too can have hope because everlasting joy is our inheritance and our future is assured.