Session 4
Becoming a Generalist

In some of his final words to his Kingdom apprentices, Jesus said, “Travel light. You are the equipment.” What if a man and a knife could save the world?

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Winston Churchill once said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

To become a generalist is to cultivate agency over many real things in order to mature and strengthen the entire depth and breadth of the masculine soul. Masculinity thrives when we forsake playing it safe and instead choose to live on the frontier of our initiation. The generalist chooses to come out of hiding and move toward—rather than away from—the things he fears. A specialist works on a part of a thing. Through hands-on experience over time, a generalist comes to know and appreciate the whole of a thing. A generalist is the kind of man who can handle himself in nearly any and every situation, whether fixing a broken toilet or partnering with God to mend a broken heart.

In all things, the man who passes through his unique initiation as a generalist is able to bring life rather than harm, agency rather than incompetency, confidence rather than intimidation. It is on this shared foundation that every man can develop into the unique man he is intended to be. And together we can take one more step toward building the foundation every man needs to become a wholehearted king.

What if a man and a knife could save the world? Let’s find out together.


(Study guide pages 88-89)

  1. This video session and chapter 5 of Becoming a King begin with a story relayed by Benjamin Franklin of a Native American chief’s response to American colonists who “generously” offered to educate several of their boys. What is your reaction to that story? What does it reveal about how the founders of our nation thought about “education”? In contrast, what did the Native Americans think was necessary to educate a young man? How does this story relate to your own?
  2. Call to mind an experience when you were in the presence of a man who demonstrated a fierce mastery over a situation or an ability to walk in deep maturity in a particular relational context. Perhaps it was watching a mechanic work on a car, a teacher presenting a compelling idea, a heroic figure in a film, or a craftsman who created with his own hands. Think about what you admired about the man in this situation. Why did you admire it? What emotions does it bring up as you think of yourself in that same situation? If what he embodied was something you were actually meant to embody one day, how would you move toward engaging in the process required to demonstrate the capacity you see in that man?
  3. Name one “next step” you could take to risk recovering your strength as a generalist.


…act like men…

1 Corinthians 16:13 ESV


One of the foundational beliefs of this message is that God is the initiator and we are simply invited to respond and participate. In each session, you’re invited to choose a two-minute pause to let the message soak into your soul, let questions arise, and let God shine his light.


God, I invite you into this space to participate in stillness with you. Here and now I choose to recover my breath. I turn my attention and affection to you, God, and what you have prepared for me in this time. I choose two minutes to breathe and center in you. 

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Read chapter 5 of Becoming a King.

Complete session 4 from the Becoming a King Study Guide.

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