Washington Chiropractic, Dr. Mark Huck
tukwila, WA United States
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Comprehensive Health and Wellness Services-Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Therapeutic Exercise available.   Work injury or Motor Vehicle Accident Injury accepted.  Sports injury, athletic maintenance, strength and agility.  Wellness and natural remedy for daily aches, fatigue, joint stiffness, and back pain.  Nutritional Guidance.  Specializing in Extremities. Most major insurances accepted.  Afforable personal and family plans.  Palmer graduate.  Safe adjustments comfortable and effective.

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Dr. Mark Huck
tukwila, WA United States
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washington chiropractic PLLC
I have a had neck issues due to my flooring background and Dr. Huck has helped greatly in the healing process. His adjustments are very professional and I always come away better. Thanks!
Mark is extremely and extraordinarily gifted. You will be better off as a whole person for going to see this man.
Good Man. Good Doc!
I have been privileged to serve with Mark at Boot Camp and seen the insight and healing that he offers others. He has a strong and good heart. I would recommend that you get to know him! And what a great and needed adjustment for my neck. Well Done Mark!
Mark utilizes his special
Mark utilizes his special gifting to pursue healing for his patient's hearts and bodies though the completed work and power of Christ.
Dr. Mark Huck has been in practice serving the south Seattle communities for nearly 20 years. He has taken part in multiple Wild at Heart boot camps. He operates his clinic on the values and tenants presented at these retreats. Special attention is paid to how Christ heals our hearts and bodies within the context of The Four Streams.