Laurel S. Justice, MA
Colorado Springs, CO United States
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I am an artist and psychotherapist working in beautiful Colorado Springs. I write and speak on spiritual formation, creativity and healing within the context of Story. It is my joy to journey with others using creative modalities (art, poetry, psychodrama, etc.) to help facilitate movement towards progressive freedom and a flourishing life of grace.

I counsel couples and individuals, as well as conduct group therapy, workshops and retreats.  I am especially passionate about leading art journal retreats that illuminate one's own story within a biblical narrative. 


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Laurel S. Justice
Colorado Springs, CO United States
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My wife and I have seen
My wife and I have seen Laurel for a while and it has been such a great experience and immensely helpful and healing.
A Safe Place
I've been seeing Laurel for about a year now - she is gifted and blessed in her counseling and art. She is a safe place to be vulnerable, and I appreciate her openness towards God during our sessions, so that He is able to access my heart through her counsel, and all that He has for me that day. I have experienced so much awareness and healing in my life because of her gifting and guidance.
Laurel S. Justice, MA