Katherine Carter, LMFT -- Individual & Couples Counseling
Pasadena, CA United States
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I believe counseling is one of the most powerful resources available for those longing for greater freedom and joy in their lives.  It can be an amazing resource for people struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, grief, relationship troubles, addiction, and abuse.  It is also a helpful tool for those who desire to flourish relationally and live boldly from their truest self.  Counseling was never meant to be "forever".  But, for the brave and willing, it can jumpstart the healthy, vibrant life they've always wanted!

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, currently serving as the Director at Westmister Center, a private, non-profit counseling center in Pasadena, California.  We offer quality counseling services at affordable fees, with a sliding scale available with qualifying proof of income.

If you're ready to give therapy a try, I encourage you to contact me today at (626) 470-7725 for a free phone consultation and fee quote.  I look forward to working with you!

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Katherine Carter
Pasadena, CA United States
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Watch your life get transformed!
I've known Katherine personally for several years now and she never ceases to amaze me. She is filled with the Holy Spirit, in love with Jesus, and always determined to bring the truth into lives where ever she goes. One of the major things that stands out to me is the way she will stand with a person until they are transformed. Counseling is not just a job to her. It is her passion to see lives changed. She is filled with insight into relationships and the lives of people along with compassion and an unwavering hope for complete transformation. It is an amazing combination for any life that would simply like to talk through things, or is looking to walk into a fresh start altogether.
A safe place for the heart
I have known Katherine personally since childhood. She is a born leader who is exceptionally gifted and genuinely loves people. She is very much at home in the world of relationships. She creates a safe place for people to express the heights and depths of human emotion, and meets them there with gentleness, warmth, empathy, encouragement, humor, and wisdom. She has a particular gift for bringing to light the hidden things in people's hearts, and then teaching them how to communicate with others what they find there. I particularly recommend Katherine to anyone who needs help discovering who they are and/or learning how to relate to the people in their lives in a healthier way.
I know Katherine personally.
I know Katherine personally. She is an outstanding person. Katherine is ethical, competent, dependable, warm, and caring. I am an attorney and I work with victims of mental and physical abuse. I would not recommend another therapist. She is trustworthy and compassionate. Katherine has an admirable quality of listening carefully and learning about the person's situation. I can't say enough good things about Katherine. Highly recommended.
Katherine Carter, LMFT -- Individual & Couples Counseling