Jim Snyder, MA, LPC
Shelby, NC United States
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I provide in-office counseling sessions, telephone counseling, online or Skype counseling, and email or internet counseling to all those needing help. I have specialty training in helping those struggling with sexual integrity issues like pornography addiction and many others. I written a book on how to overcome passivity, "Ressurection of Your Inner Hero: Rendering Passivity Obsolete".

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Jim Snyder
Shelby, NC United States
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Jim's prayer and counseling
Jim's prayer and counseling have been very helpful to me. I have struggled with passivity and addiction to pornography for decades. I am now free from pornography's hold on me and there has been profound healing between my wife and me. Jim's book on overcoming passivity has been especially good for me; there was much I could relate to in his writing. During our counseling sessions Jim listens carefully to my sharing and my questions. He offers encouragement and has suggested many tools and approaches to the issues I bring. Having been to a boot camp in March of 2015 and an avid reader of Wild at Heart books for many years, I really like how we can use the common vocabulary and input in our discussions that Wild at Heart provides. Thank you Jim for accepting me where I was at and for facilitating God's healing in me. tom
We served together on a Boot
We served together on a Boot Camp work crew and got to know him real well. He is insightful, courageous and understands the message of the arrows and Christ redemption of those wounds.
A fantastic counselor
I've known Jim for several years and consider him a friend. We have served together in several capacities with Wild at Heart and we also share a passion for helping men find freedom. He is a wise, kind counselor who has found healing in his own life and now helps others pursue restoration. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim!
I wholeheartedly endorse Jim!
Having known Jim for many years, I can attest to his integrity and dedication. He is a man wholly committed to seeing others live the victorious life God has for all of us. Anyone who works with Jim will not be disappointed.