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Introducing my recently released book on Amazon.   Climbing Out of the Box, My Journey Out of Sexual and Spiritual Abuse Into Freedom and Healing.   From the back Cover:


Climbing Out of the Box is a totally honest, deeply-felt memoir written by a courageous woman who has not only survived, but triumphed over, childhood sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family, loss of identity, rejection, self-denial, divorce, and spiritual abuse. Now a successful Certified Life Coach, author, and speaker, Dixie Diamanti has so much to teach us about childhood and adult struggles – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual -- and the often-precarious journey from unsatisfying religious practices to a true and enriching relationship with Jesus.  You will laugh, wince, cry, and be inspired as you walk with Dixie on her path from darkness to light, from captive to free and fulfilled child of God.  A compelling story all spiritual seekers should read!

About the Author


Dixie Diamanti’s long journey to recovery from sexual abuse began early in her life.  As a result of the abuse, she spent many years struggling for purpose and identity.  Through her need to feel safe and to be valued, she sought solace in the rigid confines of religion, and found herself the victim of spiritual abuse and addiction to “ministry.”  The self-denial that enshrouded her led to her young daughter being molested by the same family member that had molested her.  As her adult world fell apart with the loss of all that she loved and trusted, she found herself totally alone in life.  It was in her most troubled times that she found a relationship with Jesus that far exceeded anything she had ever experienced before.

Dixie is a wife, mom, and nana to a large and wonderful family.  She has discovered that God had actually been preparing her, through many years of adversity, for stepping into a new and exciting adventure with Him.  As a Certified Life Coach, author, speaker, and teacher, Dixie has reached out to women and men on the Central Coast of California for many years, leading them to freedom and self-esteem.  She believes that every child of God has a distinct calling, and through her work, she assists and coaches women and men in finding their unique purpose in life.  Dixie’s passion is to see people discover how precious and valuable they are to God, and loves to encourage and challenge them in uncovering and making use of God’s hidden treasures within themselves.


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Dixie Diamanti
SANTA MARIA, CA United States
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I came to see Dixie after one of the most difficult times in my life and I decided to see Dixie for spiritual life coaching because something was missing from my life…a healthy personal relationship with God. Dixie and I worked on my values, and to really love and forgive. She has helped me to move from victim to thriver and taught me how to have a super close relationship with God and that with God I am never alone. The close relationship I have been able to develop with Good has changed my life. My overall well-being has significantly improved and because of this work I am changing physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually. If you want a new life…one that is spiritually driven, I would highly recommend working with Dixie to transform your life like she helped me to do! Thank you so much!
The first time I called Dixie she told me that her ministry was Holy Spirit driven. When that's the first thing someone says, I'm in. I have been meeting with her for 4 months every week. From the first time we met, she was so personable that I felt free to open up to her. The exercises that she gave me were right to my heart. She is encouraging while at the very same time makes me think at a gut level. She always seems to get to the heart of a matter. She is open, honest, and free about her story so she pushes me to be open and honest about mine so that I can experience that same freedom. She ALWAYS insists that I listen to and look for the Holy Spirit and what He is doing and saying. There has not been one session that I haven't walked away with something that leads me toward freedom in Jesus. We still meet every week and I can truly say I am experiencing life from a different perspective than I did 4 months ago. That perspective is Biblical and is exactly what Jesus has in mind when we become believers. Another thing Dixie told me right off the bat was that we can be stuck in one (some) area(s) of our lives and not be stuck in all areas of our lives. That has definitely been me over the years. I have grown in my relationship with the Lord over my life but because of my thinking I was stuck in some areas. Through Dixie, being led by the Holy Spirit, she has helped me to realize that my thinking, from way back to my childhood, was the first place I turned when I faced a situation. Well, if that is the FIRST place I turn to instead of turning to the Lord then my thinking had become an idol. Wow! That was really a revelation to me. Dixie always ends our sessions with heartfelt prayer. I love that. I absolutely know that the Holy Spirit led me to Dixie 4 months ago. The reason I know is that when I walk away from one of our sessions I praise Him. That's the mark of a ministry that is Holy Spirit driven. I love Dixie and I pray for her and her ministry daily because when the Lord uses someone to teach His freedom, the enemy hates and attacks. The Lord has made Dixie strong and equipped in His army to help others to become strong and equipped and for that I will be eternally thankful to the Lord and to Dixie!
I have booked your book and as soon as it will come I will read it. The reason why I wanted to have it was that I was highly inspired by the storyline of it.
As I read Dixie's book I felt her torment and anguish and immediately felt a connection with her. Dixie's personal testimony can only come from courage and strength in Christ. It gave me more courage and a higher hope to see the unseen. God bless Dixie.
Dixie Diamanti/Life Purpose Coach & Author