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Carissa Woodwyk
Grand Rapids, MI United States

As a counselor and as an advocate of the human heart, it’s an honor to be invited into people’s lives – their joy, pain, fear, fragility, tenderness, strength. I get to remind people of who they are - who God created them to be. It’s an amazing thing to affirm people’s hearts. It’s even more amazing to witness healing. That space is sacred. I'm humbled and grateful and blown away.

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I've sought the wise counsel of Carissa Woodwyk during two junctures of my life - once for counsel regarding a family member and once for other relational counsel. Primarily I see Carissa for the Christian that she is, keeping God first and seeking His blessing on our time together. The manner in which she shared her understanding of God to me has enabled me to grow tremendously in my faith. I would not be where I am today had it not been for times well spent with her. Carissa realizes that it's all God's and that apart from Him we are nothing. Her gentle and loving heart comforts those God places before her, and her wisdom leads others to a greater understanding of themselves and their Maker. Her counseling style is open and accepting, and she makes one feel safe to share his or her deepest hurts. I am thankful to have met her.
Thank You
My husband and I had been married for almost 20 years and had been together since high school. Our marriage was on the verge of ending and we needed some help. We found Carissa through a friend and she was the best thing that had ever happened to our marriage. She was very loving, caring, nurturing and gave us faith in us as individuals and as a couple. We cannot thank her enough for helping us regain our faith in our marriage and bring our family closer.
When I met Carissa I was struggling with faith and purpose which resulted in problems with my marriage. From the first time I met her, her warmth and compassion was comforting and inspiring. She never judged where I was at, she created an open and honest environment to let me poor my heart out to her. SHe lead me to not only healing within myself but also with my marriage. She was the first person to ever pray over me and showed me how awesome God's love is. She is a beautiful person inside and out.
Carissa has wings, real ones!
What would I do without Carissa? I have hope, I am loved, I am safe I know a big God. There in that place God is with me, the moment of utter despair, shock and ultimate betrayal. God gave me speak peace and grace to my bleeding heart. I have been changed. It is a true gift to be in that space with her.
Carissa has played a very beautiful role in my life. As life can easily become murky, grey and uncertain, Carissa has a unique way of bringing light and hope to these broken parts. I appreciate how open she is with her own life, as it creates an environment that I am not alone in my struggles; that although she is my counselor, she also understands pain and suffering. I love the way she is present in that space and creates a very interactive, safe, loving and truth-seeking environment. I have absolutely been blessed by her and her counseling.
That's really good that she
That's really good that she provides counseling by phone and online both so that if anyone like me who is not available to go personally can contact her. I will try it once. <a href="">Sublimation equipment</a>
thank you
Carissa was able to help me through some tough family issues. The problems didn't go away but I have better clarity now and feel like I'm in a much better place because of her help. I've learned a lot about how to be affirming of people's feelings and about following Jesus' example of love. I appreciate her upfront approach in providing me insights. I'm glad to know I can turn to Carissa for support in the future.
Hope & healing
I was married and divorced in my early 20s. Immediately after, I went through counseling and really felt like the Lord did a work in me. Years later, I moved to Grand Rapids and started dating a wonderful man. As our relationship deepened, more vulnerability was naturally required of me, and it started uncovering some cracks that were still deep below the surface... things I couldn't see until I was being asked to trust again. This is when I met Carissa. There is an unbelievable warmth and genuineness in her. She helped to uncover where the struggles were coming from and identify the lies I was believing for what they were, replacing them with God's truth about me. Through her authentic approach, gentle strength and sincere compassion, she creates an environment that welcomes the Holy Spirit to do His work. As a result of the healing I experienced and trust that developed, it was only natural to us that Carissa do our pre-marital counseling once we got engaged as well. She has a deep understanding of personality dynamics, and impressed on us the importance and value of seeking wholeness as individuals. She didn't shy away from potentially uncomfortable topics and gave us lots to talk about every time we left. Now almost 2 years later, we are still amazed at how beneficial that time really was. The more we learn about each other, ourselves, and allow the Lord to work in us, the greater level of grace and peace we experience in our relationship. It has been wonderful. Carissa has been invaluable to us, and we've already agreed that we will see her again as needs arise.
Carissa has been such a
Carissa has been such a blessing to me. She has walked me through many, many issues that I have had due to the death of my first husband and then having to work through my 2nd husband walking out on us. She helped me work through these issues all based on how God sees me and how God loves me--it is not dependent on how others view me. Carissa's help has been so valuable and timely and I praise the Lord for bringing me to Carissa.
Carissa Woodwyk Review
I had the privilege of being counseled by Carissa during a pivotal point in my marriage. I say privilege now in that the space she provided was safe and sacred; however at the time I was feeling anything but safe. I had spent years stuffing feelings and putting on a great front. My marriage was at a breaking point and I was largely to blame. I felt like I wore a scarlet letter on my forehead. Carissa showed me such grace during that time and encouraged me to allow myself to feel. It was ok to sit in pain for a season and really look at the wounds of my past. It was also necessary to take responsibility for my role in creating wounds in my marriage. Slowly she helped me face those wounds one by one. As I became stronger, I was able to be more vulnerable with my husband and allow him into space which had barricades around it for much of my life. God uses Carissa in such gentle ways. She is able to speak his truth to you during your time of turmoil. If you find yourself in a dark space or if you are feeling lost, I would highly encourage you to contact Carissa.