WAH Men's Ministry Chorley Shropshire
Chorley, Nr Bridgnorth, SHR United Kingdom
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Chorley Chapel  in Chorely Shropshire is an "away from it all" rural country Chapel in a very beautiful area ideal for men's retreats, ministry and activities. We have been doing Wild at Heart Boot Camps for 4 years, and have a very special format that really works for the men who come. We complete the full Wild at Heart Boot Camp material from Ransomed Hearts, and divide it into 6 weekends between September and July in alternate months. We add to the mix an activity for a few hours each weekend, and supplement the DVD's with supportive preparatory teaching and lots of time around our "Round Table" where we talk and pray through the topic and material we'll view that weekend, and its affect on us, and where we are in the grand story that we have been called up into, and we pray together, and in time alone with God. We keep our group size each year to a discipleship sized group of between 10 and 15. This enable the guys to become very open, trusting, and real with one another, and every year we see a new group of men resolved to work together and see the Kingdom grow as the men realised they have been called and equipped to STAND. This is one of the most amazing ministries I've been involved in and although I did not know what it meant at the time, it was spoken over my life in 1999 prophetically, and here we are! Registration for BOOT CAMP is OPEN FROM JULY to AUGUST each year, course starts mid September. ADVANCED starts in October or November.

We are embarking on a fourth year of Boot Camp Advanced. This time we have a 4 weekend course starting in October or November 2018 and running with one weekend in each alternate month through to June 2019. It is for the men who have already done a Boot Camp. Very exciting. Registration is OPEN FROM JANUARY TO SEPTEMBER 2018. Only 10 to 15 places available. We would love to hear from  you. Course starts in OCTOBER or NOVEMBER.

See individual events for specific details.


We are exploring ways of bringing some of this content, plus the Captivating and other of Stacey's and John material to the Beauty in our lives. Watch this space. To God be the Glory. Alan Vincent.

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Alan Vincent
Chorley, Nr Bridgnorth, SHR United Kingdom