TRIBE - A Group for Guys
Saint Augustine, FL United States
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This fall, Elbow Tree Christian Counseling in Saint Augustine, Florida will be launching a local process group for men called TRIBE. It’s a therapy group designed to help men find a new way to navigate their own anger, fear and pain while exploring how to live more fully from their whole heart.
The theme of the group is “Wholeheartedness.” Two texts are being drawn from in the design of this group; The Voice of the Heart by Dr. Chip Dodd and Wholeheartedness by Chuck DeGroat. Both are counselors and friends of mine. 
Questions to help men discern if this group is right for them:
• Is anger disrupting relationship at home or work? 
• Do arguments escalate into yelling matches? 
• In conflict, do you ever resort to name calling?
• Do others experience you as "controlling"?
• Are you currently separated from your wife?
• Do you struggle regulating your emotional life?
• Do others experience you as emotionally unaware? 
• Do you struggle with making sense of what is going on inside? 
• Do you have a hard time expressing emotion?
As you encounter men who you think might benefit or appreciate something like this, feel free to share as it makes sense in your world. I am hoping to launch this sometime in October, when we have at least four men officially registered. 
If you would like to schedule am individual counseling appoinrment with Hayne Steem, shoot him an email at or call (904) 559-1944. 

Primary Contact: 
Hayne Steen
Saint Augustine, FL United States
(904) 559-1944