Revealed Image Ministries
Goode, VA United States
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Our Mission:
The mission of Revealed Image Ministries is to invite men and women into the process of being revealed as they are already created to be in God's Image. 
Our Vision:
Romans 8:19 states that creation is waiting expectantly for the children of God to be revealed. Our desire is to see all God's children fully restored, set free from the lies that Satan has delivered with each wound (the links in the chains that hold us captive), and revealed as the mature daughters and sons He has created. This process is a shared journey of submission, allowing Jesus to do what He quoted of His ministry from Isaiah 61: binding broken hearts, declaring liberty for captives and setting prisoners free. In marriage, we seek to guide each man and woman, as they are revealed, to walk in unity with God as a complete representation of His image.
Our Desire:
The pinnacle of our vision is to guide married couples in the process of being revealed as the full representation of God's image in their world; to partner with God in bringing the part of the kingdom He has set aside for them. This requires both men and women to recover their heart, identity, and value individually in God as a son or daughter. We will host different men's, women's, and marriage events throughout each year in hopes of fulfilling this vision.

Primary Contact: 
Joseph Mize
Goode, VA United States
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Outriders Boot Camp
The Outriders Boot Camp was was really impactful. The team did an amazing job setting the stage for Dad to come and do his work on me. Several sessions really opened my eyes and heartand the presenters were well prepared and kept it very real. So glad I made the trip. If you live on the east coast - especially Virginia, you really need to get to the next event. It will change you. This is NOT a youth rally for men or your typical men's weekend retreat. This is something that has the power to impact the rest of your life, your marriage and your family.
The Outrider Boot Camp
The Outrider is an excellent men's conference/boot camp based on Wild at Heart by John Eldredge and based in Virginia. I've been to the Wild at Heart conference with Eldredge in Colorado and several ManAlive Expeditions based on Wild at Heart in Arkansas. The Outrider is very similar but expands the Wild at Heart message to Virginia now. I was very impressed with the hearts and passion with which these men spoke and was personally impacted by Jason, who spoke on the Poser from a perspective that had never impacted me so much before. I am glad I made the trip and I'm sure you will be as well!