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Find freedom from lust, gain freedom to love. 

Rescue is for men who want to rise above the status quo in the area of sexual purity. Every day, men are bombarded with sexually inticing images. What's worse, men are also bombarded with messages that insist they can't help themselves. 

But Christ intends more for His own. Men are created to fight for and rescue the beauty, not to use and discard her. Rescue is all about three things:

  1. Growing in intimacy with the Rescuer (and other men).
  2. Experiencing rescue from the sexual sins that hold you.
  3. Becoming a rescuer: Fighting for other men and together fighting to rescue the hearts of women who have been hurt by the sexual sin of our day.  

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Primary Contact: 
Josh Glaser
Towson , MD United States
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Recommendation of Regeneration Ministries
When I first learned about Regeneration, I was a Christian who had wandered away from God and had run away relationally from family. Through Regen's help, I have learned how to overcome my sexual and relational struggles and patterns. I have reconciled with my family and now serve as a small group leader at Regeneration. My healing journey has at times been difficult and painful, but God and Regen have stayed by my side to help me through the dark and hard times, and helped me feel, deal and heal from the pain and sin in my life and in the lives of those closest to me. To God be the Glory, great things He has done!
Comfort of knowing I wasn't Alone
Regeneration has completely reshaped my view of what a struggle can be, how to work through it, and how to trust God and trust others with all that I've done. From molestation to pornography to the sex trade to same sex attractions to rape——anything that you've experienced that falls into the category of sexual abuse or sexual confusion——this is what Regeneration's mission is about. Men like me, and women, who have struggled with sexual abuse and pornography will find hope, healing and encouragement in a non-judgmental environment, exhibiting grace beyond measure. I'm in recovery, and I'm in great hands.