Hope of Prayer by John Eldredge
Southaven, MS United States
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Praying is essential for the living the Christian life. Come explore prayer as foundational in having a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We will have 10 sessions this fall on Prayer; 6 with Phillip Yancey's DVD and book on Prayer, then 4 session on the Hope of Prayer by John Eldredge.

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Geoffrey Stephens
Southaven, MS United States
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New Identity has been instrumental in conveying the life and freedom only Jesus provides. It's about putting the pieces back together just like they were in Adam. Restoration. New Identity counsels, disciples, and teaches with no religion.
Geoffrey Stephens discipleship
Geoffrey is doing an outstanding job leading our small group to get ready for the May 2014 Wild at Heart boot camp. The Good Heart cd's are great and present a different approach than what I am used to. Geoffrey does a great job of teaching, bonding our group of men together, and leading in-depth discussions of deep matters of the heart that need our attention to grow as followers of Jesus.
My first delving into "The Good Heart"
Hey brothers, I just wanted to take a minute to ask how everyone was doing with the books/audios that we got Monday. I have not been able to move past the first disc yet! I replayed track 7 about 8 times! I then went back and started the disc over, and found myself replaying track 4 over and over... I am both excited AND a little overwhelmed with what's being discussed. The funny thing is, I really felt like I could have been in on that discussion. Many things they said, and brought up, almost mirrored what I had said or felt for years, even some of the things I mentioned Monday night!!! I am very excited to see what will be revealed to us, and the ways God will grow each of us separately and closer together as brothers! In Christ! Shawn