Gen225 Story Group
Knoxville, TN United States
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We will meet once a week for 6 weeks.

We write:  An adult writing a story of a childhood memory engages more parts of the human brain than any other activity and therefore, there is more opportunity with exploration to replace evil, harm and lies with truth, love and kindness.

We tell:  Stories like that day on the playground, the dance, the one night at the dinner table, the bus ride to camp, that first date that didn't turn out like you'd hoped or any of those memories that seem to linger are significant. The opportunity to share a private story in a safe group can be the beginning of a whole new freedom.We explore: On great adventures, you never know what you may find. It may seem strange, but a person can explore with a group of others, what seems to be a simple childhood story and experience deep healing from lifelong struggles.

We explore:  On great adventures, you never know what you may find. It may seem strange, but a person can explore with a group of others, what seems to be a simple childhood story and experience deep healing from lifelong struggles.


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Rob Brown
Knoxville, TN United States
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LOVE gen225!!!
I wasn't sure what to expect when i attended my first retreat. Francie was great at making me feel comfortable, and the other attendees made it easy to open up. I found out that everyone has issues, some are just better at hiding them. This ministry is open and honest and transparent. True healing will be found by anyone willing to put in the time and effort. Rob and Francie truly care about you, and setting you in the direction you need to go to find truth and healing. I recommend them 100% to anyone looking to find resolution and willing to put the work in.
Story Retreat
Attending these retreats has been a key part of my restoration. The knowledge that I gained about how my body and brain works is a foundation to understand some of my tendencies that have worked against me. Exploring key stories that God brought to my mind to write and share in a safe group and with the skill of Rob and Franci that were brought to bear were instrumental in my deliverance. For the first time in my life negative "software" that had been operating under the surface in my mind was exposed and cleansed. I am finally becoming myself in my mid 50s by being free from the lies I had so long believed about myself. I still have a few stories to go but I totally believe in this process. The one hour of counseling post retreat on my story was amazing. Their insights have finally allowed me the answers that I had long searched for. I would recommend it to anyone.
The work of Gen225
I've known Rob and Francie for over 10 years as dear personal friends and brother and sister in Christ. Four years ago a chance meeting with Francie led me to The Unveiling retreat. That season of life was marked by enormous responsibility for four critically ill family members, often hospitalized at the same time in four different geographic locations. That on top of running a business, loving a large family, and working on doctoral studies. That day Francie saw the face of a woman in desperate need of rest, healing and restoration. She invited me to attend The Unveiling scheduled in the peace-filled Tennessee mountains. I didn't know anything about the work, but I knew Francie. I trusted her advice and attended. Oh, my! what restoration for my weary soul. I know The Unveiling experience gave me the hope, healing, and encouragement to make it through that difficult time--not only survive it but also thrive during it-by telling and listening to stories that ministered to my deepest needs.
Rob has been a great friend over the last few years. I finally attended a Recon retreat last fall and will help lead another in August. At the time I was also going through some intense counseling dealing w/ my past. The retreat was not just an eye opening experience, but rather a remove the scales from your eyes experience. I saw amazing things happen to men through the story based journey and witnessed hearts in the process of being redeemed and restored back to the Father.
I have been involved with Gen225 for about 4 years now. This ministry has been instrumental in starting me on the journey to healing and peace. I am so thankful that God led me to them. I'm really looking forward to the Unveiling Retreat in May. This will be my 3rd retreat. I love Rob and Francie's willingness to serve in this capacity and be transparent with their own journeys as we all grow together.
I worked with Francie to bring an Unveiling Workshop to my home town. This ministry isn't the same old tired program. Real life change was the fruit of this ministry focused on authentic relationships and healing stories. Francie moves to the rhythm of the Holy Spirit and shows women how to overcome by living it.