Eagle Mountain Lodge Retreats
Eagle Nest, NM United States
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We believe in restoration of the heart!  Marcom and April Herren offer guided individual, couple, and small group retreats, as well as personal ministry for intentional soul care using the Four Streams.  Our Cabins at EML are warm and comfortable, providing a perfect and cozy mountain experience!

We invite you to come breathe, relax, and allow space for your soul.  Eagle Mountain Lodge is a non-profit retreat nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico providing a rich environment to seek God, walk with Him, and hear His voice.  Restoration of the heart happens when we hear God's voice, experience His deep and intimate counsel, and receive healing for our souls.  Retreat coaches Marcom and April Herren will walk with you through the Four Streams of Hearing His Voice, Cousel of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, and Deep Healing of the Heart.

We know restoration of the heart is available, now, to each of us!  Everything we do is focused on this one purpose!  We envision a world where the hearts of men and women are fully alive, free to live as God originally designed.  We are an Isaiah 61 ministry.  

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Marcom and April Herren
Eagle Nest, NM United States
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The Father's Embrace!
The daily demands of pastoring a growing church, raising healthy kids, and building a strong marriage can "seem" impossible at times. I know for me, it's critically important to have intentional times for "renewing" my faith in Jesus. At Eagle Mountain Lodge, Marcom and April have created the perfect environment for hungry hearts to hear the voice of God...once again. The moment my wife and I met them we sensed the peace of God and knew we were in the right place. The mountains, the lakes, the wildlife, the breathtaking vistas, and all of the quaint towns near by makes this area of New Mexico a pure gem. With the encouragement we received from Marcom and April, along with the quietness of our surroundings, we experienced the the Father's embrace in such powerful way. He truly is our Good, Good Father!
A place to reconnect with God
I hesitate to write too much of a glowing review because I selfishly want to keep this place a secret so I can easily go back! But I must give a glowing review because I selfishly want this ministry to continue to thrive and to serve many others as well as they have served me. This is a beautiful setting to unwind and to reconnect with God. Marcom and April are wonderful, caring hosts and are available to help or to just let you be alone. The scenery is spectacular, the cabins are very well done in terms of decor and furnishings. In many ways I was more comfortable here than at home. Most importantly, the simplicity here enabled me to spend a lot of focused time with the Lord, which allowed Him to do important works in my life. I look forward to going back!
The presence of God
This is a wonderful place where one can unplug from the hectic pace of ministry and truly experience the presence of God. Marcom and April have created a setting where we felt the freedom to just relax, disconnect, and hear God speak to us. Their love for God's children was felt from the moment we drove through the gate. Everyone involved in church leadership deserves an opportunity to experience Eagle Mountain Lodge.
Revive and Renew!
If the comfort of a 5 Star Hotel nestled in the beauty of God's creation is what your soul longs for then Eagle Mountain Lodge will foot the bill. Marcom and April have thought of everything to make your retreat from the grind comfortable and relaxing so that you can attend to whatever your soul needs. If seclusion is what you are after, you will not be bothered. If you seek counsel they are prepared and competent to walk with your heart. If what you seek is solace, beauty, comfort and rest you can find it at Eagle Mountain Lodge.
Counsel and restoration in New Mexico
The invitation of Christ for his beloved is to come in, and out and find pasture. For that to happen, we must unplug from the hectic, frenetic, demanding clock strokes of everyday life. Marcom and April provide a safe place for weary hearts to be still and recognize God. My wife and I stayed for 4 days last year, and we have booked a whole week this year. Whether you want to sit and take in the nature that surrounds you, or explore the beauty of God's creation Eagle Mountain Lodge is a beautiful resource. Marcom and April cover the property with prayer and invite the Holy Spirit to be a part of each moment that you spend on the ranch. Whether you are looking for rest for weariness, restoration from the wounds of battle, or just long to deepen your relationship with God and your spouse, I fully recommend Eagle Mountain Lodge.