Captivating Emeralds
Houston, TX United States
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Our new mentoring program includes:

  • 2-Day Captivating Experience

  • 1-Day Follow Up (30-45 days later)
  • Next-Day Mentee Intake Interviews

  • Monthly Mentor MeetUps - dates and times are flexible

Why Captivating Emeralds?

  • The Captivating Experience will launch each new mentor class.
  • Emeralds are are precious, valuable, and highly prized
  • Every natural emerald has visible inclusions, or healed fractures that compromise their resistance,​rendering them fragile. 
  • The words represent both the participants and our mission
Primary Contact: 
Chandra Adams
Houston, TX United States
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You call, they come
C2C and Coach Adams have a heart for the lost, broken, and abandoned. Over the last several years, the team at C2C has selflessly and gratuitously given time, and resources to meet the needs of communities across the nation and even internationally. There is never a need that the team at C2C do not strive to meet. They have partnered with other ministries and businesses to see that EVERY need is met, physically, spiritually, and emotionally!
Called to Change - More than a Prison Ministry