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Using the Ransomed Hearts material for Boot Camp ADVANCED, The team at Chorley Shropshire have developed a Series of 4 weekends in October, November, February, and April. Next Series is planned starting Oct 2018. Let us know if you are interested.
The focus of each of these weekends is APPLICATION & TRAINING. Each weekend includes lots of good food, a review of the RH-WAH Advanced DVD and supporting material, and then time to discuss at ROUND TABLE time to reach understand, to share our views, to train and investigate together what it means to put into practice what we have been hearing and seeing from the Ramsomed Heart team on the DVD.
This course is amazing. See the testimonies. It's for men only who have already done a WAH Boot Camp somewhere.

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Alan Vincent
Chorley, SHR United Kingdom
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I did the 2016-17 Advanced series. It was a really special year as most of the people from the previous years boot camp continued on to do the Advanced. As with the Chorely Boot Camp, it is really the best way to do the Advanced, a weekend away every other month. It's not something you would otherwise schedule, but it is so helpful for everything in your life, your family, work, ministry, to have that time dedicated to reconnecting with God and healing and maturing the heart. It also gives plenty of time between the boot camps, to process and apply and for God to bring up things related to the previous weekend's talks, or to raise questions for the coming weekend. Alan and men from Chorley really create a welcoming and relaxed weekend, where you are free to be yourself and have the space to process all that God brings up in your heart. This model of a year's journey over the material is the model Wild at Heart and all other churches and ministries should consider adopting for the discipleship of men.
This was the second year i have attended advanced, following the initial bootcamp. The first year was interrupted a little with family events, however, this year I went through the whole process. The Advanced material is an opportunity to go deeper into issues such as the mask and wounds, agreements etc and the fruit in my life in walking with God and in my relationships has multiplied and continues to multiply as these retreats deepen my understanding and love for who God is. The Chapel at Chorley has become a significant location in my life and has enabled me to be challenged, healed and honed in the company of wonderful brothers in arms. The Chapel is an amazing getaway and lends itself so well to the bootcamp process. I would recommend wholeheartedly, to any man, the Advanced retreat at Chorley Chapel. God will meet you where you are, regardless of where you may think you are and however much you may feel disqualified from the good fight. Its time to take up the sword and fight for your heart and the hearts of others.
Boot Camp & Advanced weekend retreats Chorley Shropshire