Advanced Session 8 - Bonus QA

Advanced Session 8 - Bonus QA

 At Boot Camp, men discover how to regain their heart, their place in the battle and how to love God and live free.  But there is so much more.  Advanced is for those men ready to go further and deeper on the path to freedom, healing, restoration and fellowship with God.

Captured live at an Advanced in the wilderness of Colorado, join John Eldredge, Craig McConnell, Bart Hansen and Morgan Snyder as they show how to break agreements, hear God's voice and rescue the hearts of other men.  Raw and real, these session include the following topics: 

    • Walking with God
    • Warfare - Advanced
    • The Wound and Healing
    • The Poser - Advanced
    • Calling - Advanced
    • Suffering 
    • Loving Jesus
    • Bonus Session - Q&A with the Men's Team

The Advanced is ideal for personal use as well as for men wanting to lead others deeper in this message through groups or retreats.


 Contains mature themes and language.



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