Welcome, all you friends of Wild at Heart who are leading men out there! We're stoked you found this page! This will be the hub of all communications between our shop (Wild at Heart, used to be Ransomed Heart) and our friends and allies taking our message to rescue the hearts and lives of men around the world.

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Right now, the epicenter of our connection with you is the new Wild at Heart Leaders Zoom Connection taking place every other Thursday afternoon, 2:30 Mountain Time. A one-hour session with me and the team, offering some of our latest thoughts and strategy and doing some Q&A and a small-group component that lets you connect with other guys in the same mission to swap notes and pray for one another! We are starting September 17, 2020, and running (roughly) every other week through the end of this year, with plans to carry right on through the spring of 2021 and beyond! We'll make small adjustments to dates to account for holidays as well.

Dates we have scheduled.

2020 - Sept: 17 Oct: 1, 15, 29  Nov: 12  Dec: 3, 17 
2021 - Jan: 7, 21 Feb: 4, 18   Mar: 4, 18  Apr: 1, 22
* Dates subject to change. All registered participants will be notified and dates posted here when changes occur.

Who is this for?

Any man of any age who is taking other guys through our message—whether that's running your own men's groups, retreats, doing BASICs, a few guys going through the Field Manual or the old Band of Brothers series, or some variation of fighting for the hearts of men using our material. We want to build a strong connection with you and with your brothers-in-arms to support one another and strategize for the future.

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Our first Zoom call will be September 17, but you can jump in anytime after that. You do, however, need to register so we can get you the link to the Zoom call.

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Previous Events

November 12th, 2020
October 29th, 2020
October 15th, 2020
October 2nd, 2020
September 17th, 2020

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