“You will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow.” (Isaiah 62:2)

Many times in the biblical narrative, God changes someone’s name to reflect who they really are or to highlight their transformation. Abram (exalted father) becomes Abraham (father of multitudes). Jacob (the “swindler”) becomes Israel (he who wrestles with God). Simon becomes Peter the Rock; James and John are called “the sons of thunder;” Saul becomes Paul. And their lives turn around and touch a lot more people!

Well, guess what? Ransomed Heart Ministries is getting a “new name” too! We are officially becoming Wild at Heart!

The reason is simple: nobody but our core audience knows who Ransomed Heart is. But millions are familiar with Wild at Heart. Our mission is to reach so many more hearts and lives with the healing message of Jesus, but honestly, our name isn’t helping! We did some research and discovered that 90 percent of our readers out there have no idea Ransomed Heart even exists; if they are presented with the name, they have no idea what it means. You've probably had that experience yourself—you try to tell someone about this work you love, Ransomed Heart, and you get a blank stare. Then you ask, “Have you heard of Wild at Heart?” and folks light up and say, “Yes—my brother loved that book!” or something like that.

So we are simply using the name recognized by millions in order to grow our mission, help folks find us, save more lives. It’s something we should have done years ago. Our podcast will become the Wild at Heart podcast; this reading will become the Wild at Heart Daily reading, etc., etc. 

Otherwise, everything else stays the same—same team, same message, same mission for both men and women!


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