Just as we are now like the earthly man, we will someday be like the heavenly man. (1 Corinthians 15:49 NLT)

You’ll be made perfect. Finally, the totality of your being will be saturated only with goodness. Think of all that you’re not going to have to wrestle with anymore. The fear that has been your lifelong battle, the anger, the compulsions. No more internal civil wars; no doubt, no lust, no regret; no shame. What has plagued you these last many years? What has plagued you all your life? Your Healer will personally lift it from your shoulders.

What tender intimacy is foretold when you’re promised that your loving Father will wipe every tear from your eyes personally — not only tears of sorrow, but all the tears of shame, guilt, and remorse. That moment alone will make the whole journey worth it.

Yet there’s more. You will be free, alive, whole, young, valiant. You’ll have the character, the internal holiness, of Jesus himself.

You’ll finally be everything you’ve ever longed to be. Not only that — it can never be taken from you again. “Eternal” life means life unending, life that never dims nor fades away. You’ll be in your glory to live as you were meant to live and take on the kingdom assignments God has for you.

It is so good for our hearts and souls just to linger a moment with these beautiful promises. Think of all that you’re not going to have to wrestle with anymore. Let the relief of it lift your heart today.

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