You were the model of perfection,
full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
You were in Eden,
the garden of God;
every precious stone adorned you:
ruby, topaz and emerald,
chrysolite, onyx and jasper,
sapphire, turquoise and beryl.
Your settings and mountings were made of gold;
on the day you were created they were prepared.
You were anointed as a guardian cherub,
for so I ordained you.
You were on the holy mount of God;
you walked among the fiery stones.
You were blameless in your ways
from the day you were created
till wickedness was found in you.
(Ezekiel 28:12-15)

Standing at the head of the vast legions of angelic hosts (millions, as the biblical record counts) was a captain. The most beautiful, the most powerful of them all. The commander of the armies of God. The guardian of the glory of the Lord. His name was Lucifer. "Son of the morning." Glorious as the sun. Unequaled among his noble peers.

And here is where the Story takes its first dramatic turn.

There is a danger for the glorious that the humble never know; a trial for the powerful that the weak never face. You see this in the worst of the dictators, the Hitlers and Stalins, the Maos and Amins—they set themselves up to be idols. They want more than power; they want to be worshiped.

Pride entered Lucifer's heart.

The excellent captain came to believe he was being cheated somehow. He didn't merely want to play a noble role in the Story; he wanted the Story to be about him. He coveted the throne; he wanted to be the star. He wanted the worship and adoration for himself.

Your heart became proud
on account of your beauty,
and you corrupted your wisdom
because of your splendor.
(Ezekiel 28:17)

Lucifer turned on his Maker. And there was war in heaven.


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