Dear Friends and Allies,

I am so aware as I write this, that by the time it reaches you mid-June the world may have changed again. 

Right as we were beginning to emerge from the total lock-down days of the quarantines, just beginning to let our souls enjoy some normal life returning, the heartbreaking deaths and social upheaval broke out. It was like a one-two punch. Our world continues to be shaken, and we want to help you find Jesus to guide you through each and every step. 

I hope you are tracking with our podcast because it's a more current method for us to provide guidance and prayer in these rough waters. Stasi and I recorded a special installment on June 3rd on the social upheaval; I hope you've had an opportunity to listen to that. There is some good prayer to enter into and some insights on all that is unfolding.

Today, I'd love to bring some bright news to you. It begins with a very Jesus kind of story...

Our little team here has a great big passion for bringing more hearts and souls into the healing life Jesus offers, into the adventure of intimacy with him, and into the strong protections given to us in the kingdom of God for a moment like ours. So prior to the pandemic, our team began to lay out plans for the expansion of our work in the world––bringing this exquisite Gospel to a million new lives. Then Covid 19 hit, and with it the quarantines, followed by the massive economic collapse around the world. It was at this moment, back in the spring––when many ministries and churches were having to lay people off, and canceling events––that we went to our board with plans for growth this year and next.

We honestly thought they would counsel us to cut back, play it safe, “wait and see.”

They did not.

Instead, they did exactly what we had been hearing Jesus say all along––they told us to grow, reach out, offer everything we have. “Now is not the time to pull back,” they said. “The world needs exactly what you have. They need this Gospel of the heart; they need the healing, guidance, and strength this message offers. Full steam ahead!”

Really?, I thought. Ookaay. I felt like Peter in the storm, Jesus reaching out his hand, urging me out onto the water.

Okay, Lord. Yes. Absolutely! Yes. Full steam ahead. 

Part of our plan for reaching more beautiful, broken souls around the globe involves something I wanted to announce this month––we're changing our name!

We've been doing a good bit of research, and listening to the wise counsel of some very helpful consultants, and what we’ve discovered is that 90% of our book readers have no idea Ransomed Heart even exists. That was heartbreaking news for us. “You guys are very hard to find,” our advisors said. “People aren’t looking for Ransomed Heart. Most folks don't even know what your name means, and, it's hard to spell.” We were laughing when they said this, because of the many stories that have been coming through our doors.

We receive packages and mail to “Random Parts,” “Rancid Hearts,” even “Ranz Med Hearts” (those folks think we’re a medical company). When our staff tries to give people their email, they have to spell it multiple times. “It's Polly at ransomed heart; r-a-n-s-o-m-e-d…”

Meanwhile, we do have a brand with massive recognition around the world, and that brand is Wild at Heart. I wish we had a dollar for every time this scenario happened: Someone asks our staff, “Where do you work?” and they reply “Ransomed Heart!” “What's that?” “Well, have you heard of a book called Wild at Heart?” “Oh yeah! I know that book! My uncle…” and off the stories go. So many great stories. So, we've simply decided to help people find us, and increase our reach, by renaming the ministry Wild at Heart. Everything else stays the same. We’re the same group of people, doing the same great work. Reaching out to both men and women, all around the world. The only thing that's changing is that we are making ourselves easier to find, so we can reach more people!

In fact, we’ve been praying hard about these chaotic times, and Jesus has promised us that we have many, many more hearts and lives we have been entrusted with, new members of the tribe we have not yet reached. That simply thrills us!

Starting this month the Ransomed Heart podcast will become the Wild at Heart podcast, a change in name only. Same great folks bringing you the same great messages. This newsletter will become the Wild at Heart newsletter; our Daily Reading the Wild at Heart Daily Reading, etc.

I’m hoping you can help us. I know these are rocky economic times for many, and I want to thank each of you who have been able to send support during such a tough period. We are so grateful for your gifts!

And I wanted to ask, humbly, boldly, if you could help us with our expansion around the globe to reach all of the people who so desperately need the healing love of Jesus, the beauty of this intimacy with him, the tools to navigate the war on the earth at this time. The hour is late. There is so much to be done. If you’re able to help us with a gift, those dollars will go towards rescuing a lot of folks while we disciple and equip our friends to thrive in this really tough hour.

If you're in a position to help, you can send support in the enclosed envelope, or, if it's easier, you can donate online at 

Oh friends, I know how hard these times are right now. Hard on the heart and soul; hard to see our world breaking up. We simply must keep our eyes on Jesus! I pray you are plugging into our resources for your strength and encouragement, for the resilience of your soul! Because we love you, and we are here for you! 

With so much gratitude,


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