Sonship - 2nd Edition - Disc 2 - Conversation

Sonship - 2nd Edition - Disc 2 - Conversation

Are you living as a son...or an orphan?

Do you know God as a generous, strong and intimate Father? Have you ever received a spirit of Sonship? That is your destiny. Because God's desire is for us to walk in the strength and dignity of our inheritance as sons of God.

So why do we live with core beliefs counter to this? Most men's internal world goes something like:

  • I am on my own.
  • If anything good is going to happen it's up to me to make it happen 
  • I need to be the strongest man in my world.
  • Why is life so damn hard?

 In this transforming teaching, Morgan Snyder illuminates one of the central invitations of the Gospel—to forsake independence and fatherlessness. To receive God as Father. And to become the son we were intended to be.

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