A Battle to Fight - Spiritual Warfare for Men, Part 02
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A Battle to Fight - Spiritual Warfare for Men, Part 02

Ask the men you know to name their favorite movies. Nine times out of ten, they will be stories of great battles, fought against desperate odds.

Watch little boys at play. They nearly always wind up acting out their dreams to be a Hero in the midst of great battles.

God set this desire in the heart of every man because every man will find himself in a great battle. The Bible promises it is so. We live in a world at war, an epic struggle of good and evil begun before the dawn of time. Learning how to fight in this battle is essential for every man.

In these talks (recorded live at our Wild at Heart Boot Camp and Advanced retreats) John Eldredge explains the place of spiritual warfare in our lives, how to identify it, and more importantly, how to win against our adversary! This teaching has set countless men (and women!) free.

 Approximately 1 hour, 33 minutes.

This audio is part of the Platinum Collection.

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