I saw Heaven and earth new-created. (Revelation 21:1 The Message)

What if? A large golden eagle in this world can carry a sheep. What load can a renewed eagle bear? I would love to ride a golden eagle, with their permission of course. And friend—what about the angels? Heaven comes to earth, and the angels shall walk in fellowship with man. What do the angels have to teach us? What sort of games do they play? The entire earth will be our playground.

This is why you don’t need a bucket list. It’s all yours, and you can never lose it. To wander the beautiful places, without the end of vacation always looming. You’ve longed to see the fjords of Norway? Done. You’ve secretly hoped to wander the jungles of Africa? Yours too. What next? It shall all be yours.

Good thing you have all the time in the world that has no time to explore and tell the tales. To take up new adventures with those who want to sail the seven seas or climb the peaks of the Andes or range the universe itself.

You think I am being fanciful. I am being utterly serious. I am being as serious as Jesus when he warned that only the child-heart can receive the kingdom. It was your creative Father who gave you your imagination; and his creative majesty will certainly do yours one better in the world to come.

Do you have some secret dreams you are hoping will come true for your life? Now you know—those will be fulfilled! You don’t need a bucket list because your life is unending!

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