Prayer sets up a terrible dilemma for us. We want to pray; it’s in our nature. We desperately want to believe that God will come through for us. But then ... he doesn’t seem to, and where does that leave us?


I believe God is in the dilemma; I believe he wants us to push through to real answers, solid answers.


For one thing, this reality we find ourselves in is far more dynamic than most folks have been led to believe — especially people of faith. We hold dangerously incomplete understandings of our situation, such as,


God is all-powerful. 

He did not intervene. 

So it must not be his will to intervene.


Yes — God is sovereign. And in his sovereignty he created a world in which the choices of men and angels matter. Tremendously. He has granted to us “the dignity of causation,” as Pascal called it. Our choices have enormous consequences. We will have much more to say about this going forward, but prayer is not as simple as, “I asked; God didn’t come. I guess he doesn’t want to.”


We are embarked on the most exciting story possible, filled with danger, adventure, and wonders. There is nothing more hopeful than the thought that things can be different, we can move mountains, and we have some role in bringing that change about.

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