Today’s Daily Reading is an excerpt from Morgan Snyder's book “Becoming a King”

The first doorway we must travel through on our path toward becoming a king is to choose sonship. It is a choice.

Are we willing to become our Father’s sons again?

Will you open your heart to unlearn the Father as you have learned him and instead learn him as he truly is? The Father is pursuing you. He is opening up his heart and his kingdom and his treasures to you. He is asking, Son, are you ready to become who you were born to be? We can finish this together.

If we are ever to become the kind of men to whom God can entrust his kingdom, the journey must begin in the most unlikely of places. We must choose a spirit of sonship, taking the place set before us as the greatest gift of God’s heart, receiving the identity against which every war has been waged by our enemy, who knows who we are and fears who we could become.

In many ways, to consent to being a son is the hardest and the easiest of the narrow gates through which we must enter. It is easy, because all it requires is a genuine turning of our souls to receive the lavish love of the Father. Yet it is the hardest, as it will require us to begin forsaking the many other places in which our wounded hearts have sought the independent and self-sufficient life for so many years.

It will require relearning everything, throwing out our former map and receiving a new one that outlines a reality more dangerous and more joy-filled than we have ever dared to dream.

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