Today's Daily Reading is an excerpt from Morgan Snyder's Becoming a King

In the masculine journey, our early years of manhood often begin as a season of exploration and discovery. In youthful exuberance, we tend to view the world with ourselves at its epicenter. Passing through this in time, every man is faced with this profound, essential transition. While it may not be easy to name, the shift is felt deeply in the masculine soul.

I am not the center of the story.
A significant portion of my life is behind me.
And for better and worse, my decisions have deep consequences in the lives of others.

Sure, we are important and affect the lives of others at every stage of development. But at some point, for many in young to mid-adulthood, we find our lives bound with others in inextricable ways. This shift is often initiated by marriage, having kids, and taking on a full-time job or other major responsibilities.

Do you remember this transition from a season of exploration and discovery into the season of being consequential to other people? While it caught me off guard, there were a handful of moments in which it was crystal clear that I’d been catapulted out of one season of life and had landed with bumps and bruises in another. And I, too, found myself on a huge roller coaster. And it was all I could do to hold on.

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