Is anything too hard for the Lord?
Genesis 18:14

January 1. A brand-new year. It’s the time of year we start thinking about making changes. This year, rather than writing a quick list of resolutions that we’ll likely forget before February, maybe we should take a different approach. This is a good time for each of us to ask ourselves, What do I want to be different this year?

Sit with that for ten minutes. Let your heart surface and then ... take it to Jesus in prayer. Lord, come into this. Show me the way. I will often ask God for his “theme” over my new year: Jesus, what is the theme of this year?

I do this every January, and it has proven a mighty rescue many times over. Usually, Jesus says one simple thing. One year I heard, “Love.” All through the year, I found myself needing to return to the simple truth of love. Another year it was, “Restoration,” and that was the year I took a short sabbatical and sought needed restoration.

Ask Jesus, What is the theme of this year, Lord? And when he speaks, write it down! Post it somewhere you will see it often. In very big letters.


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