“All mankind will know that I, the Lord, am your Savior, your Redeemer.”
Isaiah 49:26

Once upon a time the earth was whole and beautiful, shimmering like an emerald, filled with glory, bursting with anticipation. Such wonders waiting to be unveiled, such adventures waiting to be yours. Creation was like a fairy tale, a great legend—only true.

Once upon a time we were whole and beautiful too, glorious, striding through the Garden like the sons and daughters of God. We were holy and powerful; we ruled the earth and animal kingdom with loving-kindness.

But Eden was vulnerable; something dark slithered in the shadows. Something most foul and sinister. Banished from heaven, Satan and his fallen warriors came seeking revenge.

If the coming Restoration is to be fulfilled on the earth and in your life, Satan and his armies must be destroyed. He must never be allowed in again.

You are letting the great stories awaken your imagination to the coming kingdom, fill your heart with brilliant images and hopeful expectation. Seize the moment crucial to the climax of every story and the redemption you long to see: that glorious moment when evil is defeated.

Back to the movies you love—you should go watch the scene again when the enemy is defeated, and let it remind you of the day your true enemy is cast down. Forever.



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