Are you a person who when “things” aren’t going well look for someone to blame and that person is someone ELSE? Or are you one who thinks that it must be YOU who is doing something wrong bringing it upon yourself – though you have no clue as to what it is you are doing wrong?

So many things can be going wrong.

Maybe it’s many sleepless nights in a row.

Maybe it’s another friend who isn’t available.

Maybe it’s a compulsion to act in a way privately that brings harm to yourself.

“If only they hadn’t…” “If only I hadn’t...” “If only God had…”

Recently a heartbreaking sorrow came to one I love and I became aware that I really wanted to blame someone. I knew of one who was a possibility. I began to imagine this person being in my home and the pleasure I would get if they began to speak cruelly – to kick them out of my house. “You are no longer welcome here. You need to leave. Let’s speak privately in the future. Yes, I’m serious.” I say as I open the door.

Huh. (I realized this was wrong and began to pray for this person, blessing them. Breaking soul ties. Releasing them to God. Then I gave my heart to God asking him to come for everyone.)

I’m a person who usually blames myself. I know my weakness. I’m acquainted with my failures. I must be doing something wrong. Sheesh. Many things wrong.

I so often forget all the players on the stage of life. I forget the fallen world we live in - the nature of a world gone mad. I forget the fallen nature of human beings that leads them to do harm with thoughtful intent and sometimes, with no thought at all.

I forget that there is an evil one with his minions bent on destruction – lying, killing, destroying – whispering hatred, inserting false interpretations – all designed to separate us from the One who is Love busy about his damning work. (Now him, I can and do and am called to “kick out of my house.” He needs to leave and no, we will not be speaking privately in the future.)

I too easily forget God – the Anchor of my soul – bent on my restoration. Whispering my name. Calling me HIS. Encouraging me to stand my ground in the uncontested place I hold in His heart and to fight the good fight of faith. He urges me, beckons me, calls me to be unwavering in my belief that He is for me. “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.” He is for me? Yes, He is for me.

And He is for you.

In the watches of the night, in the aftermath of sin, in the bearing of the consequences of failure, He has not and will not turn His face away. He is the Anchor of my soul and of my life. I am not the Anchor. I am too often tossed upon the sea of shifting circumstances. But He is steady, immovable and I am attached to Him. He holds me and He will not let go.

NOTHING and NO ONE and NO CIRCUMSTANCE can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus. No height, no depth, no angel or demon or thing from my past or from my present or in my future can separate me. No failure on my part or harm caused by another. No confusion, no wavering, no wandering can detach me from His constant, faithful immeasurable love.

And neither can anything detach Him from you. From YOU dear one.

We can look around and we can blame or we can look to God and invite Him in to our heart’s struggle. He is the One who calms the storms of our lives. He is the One who never sleeps. He is the One who instructs and guides and gives wisdom. He is the One who comforts.

He is the One who never changes.

He is our Peace.

It’s too easy to focus our attention on seeking blame, on feeling like a blow it, on nursing a way to fight for someone else or ourselves in ways that are outside the way of Love.

God calls us to focus our attention on Him. His character. His goodness. His never changing delight over us.

Yes, He delights over us.

Big deep sigh.

He is our Anchor. We are tethered to Him.

Oh rejoice my soul. Rejoice. Because I am His. Forever. And so are you.

And wonder upon wonders, joy upon joys, we can blame Him for that.


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Stasi Eldredge loves writing and speaking to women about the goodness of God. She spent her childhood years in Prairie Village, Kansas, for which she is truly grateful. Her family moved to Southern California back in the really bad smog days when she was ten. She loved theatre and acting and took a partiality to her now husband John...READ MORE

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