On the wall of our Outpost is our mission statement. The first three sentences read:

Recover the Lost Treasure of the Gospel

Transform the Lives of Men and Women as Men and Women

Teach them to Live in the Kingdom of God

So much in such simple sentences. Allow me to unpack it a bit…

The Gospel is the most exquisite treasure chest in any story or fairytale, ever. The dignity and power of femininity and masculinity; the essential place of the human heart; hearing God’s voice for yourself; the war all around us; the power of Jesus to actually heal hearts, souls, memories; the hope we have in the Renewal of All Things. Treasures that get lost, and stolen. And we are treasure hunters.

Transforming lives is so different than merely inspiring, or motivating. Transformation is deep and lasting; transformation means the recovery of the original glory God intended for men and women, the glory he meant for each unique son and daughter. Restoration would be an appropriate synonym. The treasures of the Gospel transform, restore, release. Jesus is all about transformation!

Third, the Kingdom of God is something we learn to live in; but there are so few teachers to show the way. How prayer actually works; how to practice stillness, the role of beauty; how to use the victory of Christ to break soul ties, curses, dark strongholds; the difference between wounds and brokenness, and how to re-integrate shattered places in our personality; how each member of the Trinity has a unique role in our lives; on and on we could go.

Oh, I wish you could read the mail we get, hear the stories of restoration taking place all around the world. Let me share a few with you now…

“I was reluctant to engage in a men’s retreat but once I arrived the invitation turned into a four day flood. Agreements and lies being named and broken. God spoke and I filled a journal. On the last night, my soul was restored and I was given an intimate name from God. I’d never known the longing in my heart to hear that… Since that weekend the message and resources of Wild at Heart have been at the forefront of my relationship with God, my wife, my daughters, and my ministry to others.”

“Absolutely blown away by the impact it had and is having on me. For the first time in 20 years, you gave me permission to be the man I am designed to be. What enormous freedom!”

“I will be forever grateful for Beautiful Outlaw. As a Christian counselor I recommend this book over and over and it continues to transform everything about how my clients see Jesus! I mean...AMAZING freedom and breaking of bondage for so many people!”

“Last Fall my husband of 18 years left me for no clear reason and I’ve been dealing with all kinds of difficult emotions. The Holy Spirit has been using your book Captivating to propel me into a new and beautiful place with Jesus. I couldn’t read it fast enough. :-) And, when I got to the very end I cried.”

“Prior to Wild at Heart, I was controlling, striving, driven, selfish, living for the world, critical of others. I was a hard man to be around. I had so many wounds pressed down, and buried under years of striving, posing, and controlling. God has healed so many areas of my heart, has literally changed me as a leader in my company, it has saved my marriage and it has set me on a wonderful path to raise a son who loves Jesus."

“I came to the retreat a profoundly wounded woman. Molested as a child. Abusive husband. Drug addiction. I did not think there was anything good about being a woman; I did not think there was anything good about men. My life and my relationship with God have changed forever because of the retreat! Praise God he never stops restoring lives!”

Oh friends—it is working. IT IS WORKING!! With such glory and power, in such far-reaching ways we can hardly take in the beauty.

And we need your help.

None of this takes place without your love, your prayers, and your financial support. We are a non-profit; part of our budget is met by our income through conferences and resources. Part of it comes through the generosity of our friends. And you have been so generous! So faithful!

We need to raise over a million dollars by the end of the year. I’m not worried; God is faithful. I simply want to ask if you would consider a gift to us in the next few weeks. I know if we all do what we can do, Jesus will take care of our needs and the mission will carry on!

Thank you. Thank you for all your love, and prayers, and generosity. Together we are recovering the lost treasure of the Gospel, transforming the lives of men and women, and teaching them how to live in the Kingdom of God.

What better thing could we partner in than that???!

With love, and thanksgiving for you,


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