A quick update from Dallas. It went
pretty well last night. Standing room only crowd and lots of eager and
open hearts to God. How beautiful. The last part of the evening each
night is Q & A. Had a first last night – a guy asked a very long
and sincere (and vulnerable) question about smoking pot and what does
Jesus think about that. I’m crackin up. Never had that one before. (Now
you’re wondering what I said. I told him that apart from legal issues
of concern, there is the whole issue the scripture speaks to when it
forbids drunkenness, how we don’t want to do anything that diminishes
our ability to apprehend or walk with God, to discern him clearly. In
my past life, I had some first-hand knowledge on the matter, and warned
him that pot really diminishes our heart and mind from God. That he
would have much joy in giving it up). Anyhow, it was a delightful
moment. Q & A is my favorite part of the evening. I remember
reading a story years ago about Francis Schaeffer pounding the walls in
his upper loft at L’Abri, where he would go to pray, and saying “I have
answers! I have answers!” His passion was moved because so many people
had questions, and through long searching he knew that Christianity
offers real and substantive and healing answers. He wanted so badly for
people to know.

I feel the same way.

Anyhow, I’m fighting a bad sore throat today, and weariness. Don’t
want to get sick. So thank you for praying for that, for our flights,
that the religious spirit be bound, that we stay close to Jesus in
this. And against all dismay, and all sabotage.

The Kingdom is beautiful.


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