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October 27, 2021

In order to understand what compels Jesus, you must keep in mind the distinction between the laws of God and the laws of men, and furthermore, that magnificent difference between the spirit of the law and the letter of the law.

Jesus sets...


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Fraser, CO United States
October 7 to October 10, 2021
Fraser, CO United States
November 18 to November 21, 2021
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"My Joy"

We could all use a big, deep infusion of joy in these times. John and Allen look at how true joy is actually something Jesus imparts to us...and how to ask him for it!

captivated podcast
Most Recent Episode

Christ is Enough

Something is revealed in our story when we feel like we don’t have enough—enough provision, enough safety, enough love. Through verses and stories, Stasi speaks to this question:...

asm podcast
Most Recent Episode

233 | Sailors and Squirrels

What do you do in seasons where the things that once brought great joy no longer seem possible? The desire is still there, but the time or perhaps the money isn't. Through the...

bgs podcast
Most Recent Episode

094: Through the Bible, Part 3

What if you were to turn with an open heart and a beginner's mind toward the Bible for a fresh revelatory quest?

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Keep Recovery and Resilience in Front of You

September 29, 2021

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Staci Eldredge


May 19, 2021

A couple of years ago, my husband was very sick for way too long.  He gets sick about once every 10 years – maybe.  The man is healthy.  He’s committed to caring for his health, and don’t even ask me... READ MORE

Morgan Snyder

A Man and a Knife Can Save the World

May 18, 2021

Look for an opportunity to call out masculine strength, celebrate a milestone, and participate in the masculine initiation of those entrusted to your care. The post A Man and a Knife Can Save the... READ MORE

Bart Hansen

Paul Lavelle: A Hero for the Kingdom

August 21, 2019

So much of what is cool about Wild at Heart is the ministry that spins off of what Wild at Heart does. In the spirit of that, I want to tell a story about Paul Lavelle, who attended a Wild at Heart... READ MORE