The Path to Restoring the Heart of a Man

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The Wild at Heart Series

This new film series features the teaching of John Eldredge and the stories of men pursuing their warrior hearts through God’s invitation of battle, adventure, and beauty.

The Sessions

1. The Heart Of A Man

1. The Heart Of A Man

Masculinity is a gift from God, filled with passion and dignity. He created the masculine heart and set it in every man. From it flow all the things that make your life worth living—friendships, love, adventure, career, dreams…and your relationship with God. It’s time to recover your masculine heart.

2. The Poser

2. The Poser

Every boy has two core questions––“Does my dad love me?” and “Do I have what it takes?” How those questions were answered has shaped you into the man you are today. We need to be honest about the Poser we’ve constructed, name it, face it, and lay it down in our search for a deep and genuine strength.

3. The Wound

3. The Wound

In our journey to become a man, we’ve all taken arrows to the heart. Our wounds, and the messages that come through them, have impacted us profoundly. The effects of our wounds play out in a variety of ways, from anger and perfectionism to hiding and addictions. The good news is, the mission of Jesus is all about restoration. He came to heal your heart and restore you as a son…and as a man.

4. The Battle

4. The Battle

You have been born into a world at war. God, who is a great warrior, created man in his image. He set within each of us a warrior heart so that we can fight for everything we love. Discover how to reawaken this fierce quality hardwired into every man…and recover your warrior heart.

5. The Beauty

5. The Beauty

Nothing captures the attention of a man like a woman. She is wonderful. She is a mystery. Beauty, Love, Sex—these things run deep in the heart of men. But femininity can feel like such a challenge to our masculinity. Learning to love a woman and fight for the heart are core to what it means to be a man.

6. The Adventure

6. The Adventure

Men are wired for adventure. It nourishes us, calls us out, makes us come alive. Adventure actually has three levels to it—Casual, Crucial and Critical. Discover how God is inviting you into the adventures that feed and nourish your masculine soul.

7. What's Next?

7. What's Next?

In the beginning of the human story, God makes it clear that he intends to partner with us in his beautiful unfolding work in the world.

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The Study Guide

This Study Guide aligns with the six-part film series and includes summary notes, discussion questions, and between-session readings. Ideal for individual or group use.

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Wild at Heart has helped millions of men recover their masculine hearts. This expanded edition features a brand-new Q&A section from John.

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The Field Guide follows the chapters of the Wild at Heart book. The questions, exercises, and journaling space offers a map into the masculine journey.

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Through the teachings of John and the stories of men, this all-new, six-session film series helps men recover their masculine hearts. Ideal for individual or group use.

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Salvaje de corazón

En este libro que cambia vidas, John Eldredge ofrece una mirada al interior del verdadero corazón de un hombre y les da permiso a los hombres para ser como Dios los diseñó: arriesgados, apasionados, vivos y libres.

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