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Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 5: Spiritual Warfare

     If you will listen carefully to any woman’s story, you will hear a theme: The assault on her heart. It might be obvious, as in the stories of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. Or it might be more subtle, the indifference of a world that cares nothing for her, but uses her until she is drained. Forty years of neglect damages a woman’s heart, too, dear friends. Either way, the wounds continue to come long after we’ve “grown up,” but they all seem to speak the same message. Our Question is answered again and again throughout our life, the message driven home into our hearts like a stake.

     What is to account for the systemic, often brutal, nearly universal assault on femininity? Where does this come from? You will not understand this story—or your story—until you begin to see the actual Forces behind this, and get a grip on their motives.

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Friday, May 8, 2015



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