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Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 3: Wounded

     Fallen Eve is not the truest thing about you, but we have to look at our fallenness first because it is in the way. It is in the way of God’s desires for our lives—and our own desires—but it is not the deepest thing about us. Underneath every striving, controlling, indulging, hiding, or desolate woman is a wounded little girl.

     It’s true that some women’s lives look perfect to us from a distance. But only from a distance. Often we are tempted to compare ourselves with other women. We compare ourselves to their looks, their lives. We can diminish the sorrow of our own personal histories by knowing a friend with a much more painful history. That is an unwise thing to do. Your life matters. Your joys, your sorrows matter.

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Friday, May 8, 2015



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