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BECOMING A KING: Looking for A Study Guide Virtual Ally (Zoom 2020 & Beyond)
Louisville, KY United States
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John Fontaine here in Louisville, KY (USA). Long-time ally and partner with Wild At Heart. Alumni of Boot Camp (Crooked Creek, 2009). Advanced Boot Camp (Frontier, 2010 & 2014). Founded Maximus Heart in 2014 (, initially as an Outpost to offer small group sessions for men (Wild At Heart, Fathered by God, Epic, Beautiful Outlaw) along with mentoring of younger men (Killing Lions). 

Having spent over a decade immersed deeply in a walk with God with this message and ministry, I am now shifting towards a new horizon and sojourn into a decade of becoming a king ( I am looking for a Wild At Heart ally (preferably a man, like me, who has had "boots on the ground" for a good period of time) to partner with me on a regular virtual journey through the Becoming A King (utilizing the book, DVD content, and the Study Guide). 

I choose not to go alone into chasing wild here. I am with Spirit in offering this option to another man out there (perhaps "lone wolf" or perhaps just a man somewhere across the globe looking for the same option) - I have a Zoom account so I'm willing and able to schedule, host, and record meetings for us. Logistics of when/how often to meet can be determined.

I am commited to a decade of excavation and reconstruction with God! I am not seeking a "casual acquaintance" with either the material or a rally point ally. I'm in this for the duration - and trust that God will bring the individual like-hearted king who is willing to pursue the same ancient paths!

Please contact me via email ( or via phone contact (502.712.1972, introduce by text and we can call from there) if interested. Pray before stepping in; I'll be praying, too, for God to weave the right man into this epic story.

Strength & Honor!

John Fontaine

Primary Contact: 
John Fontaine
Louisville, KY United States
(502) 712-1972
Virtual Gathering Connection Information: 

Any future Zoom Becoming A King rally point meetings will be determined at a later date.

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"What's Your Story?" Virtual Roundtable
Being invited by the Wild at Heart Team early in the pandemic to offer a "virtual" experience for men to gather was both challenging and daunting to me in my spiritual and masculine journey. I'm no "rookie" at either - and it had been a while since I had spent time in connection to other men who are seeking the ancient paths. I've found this experience...both in offering the opportunity to meet new men and pursue deeper fellowship with like-hearted kings I've known through Wild at Heart for be rich, deep, not without its challenges, and ultimately fulfilling in God's deeper initiation of me as a man. The concept for offering this gathering in the Spring/Summer has been simple but fiercely intentional: to provide a space for men to honestly share their story with other men, while also being offered the gift of learning to listen to another man's story with honor. After 25 years of sitting in men's circles, I am still amazed at how dangerous for good such a journey is to undertake and engage. We've been doing this for over 14 weeks now - yes, it's gotten "messy" at times but I'm also aware that inside of that - or in spite of it - there is something deeper that Jesus is after in the heart, story, and habitat of each man sitting with me at the Roundtable. While not the leader or facilitator proper of this group of mighty men, I am grateful that God, as Father, invited me to offer it and to chase wild in the rugged terrain of story. I'm not sure where this particular council of kings will lead me - or them. I don't have to have it figured out. I'm just grateful for the opportunity and to not shy away from offering it again to another group of men come this Fall/Winter.
WILD AT HEART study: (June 4 to August 27, 2019)
John Fontaine does a very good job initiating men into a deeper look into themselves and their relationship with Abba, Lord God! John Eldredge's Wild at Heart is a book that shines light onto what men are created by God to be. How we are created in the image of a warrior God. And how to reclaim your heart and soul from Satan. Worth every second!
Fathered By God Study
John Fontaine does a great service in leading men through this study in a small group dynamic. The book by John Eldredge teaches us men how our True Father is there in all stages of our lives, initiating us into the True Man he formed us to be. Created in his own image to shine light and life into the world. It was truly an inspiring and awesome experience!
BECOMING A KING: Looking for A Study Guide Ally