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Beautiful Outlaw - Virtual Small Group Study
Tartu, Estonia
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Join us on Tuesdays 8:30 pm Eastern European Summer time (GMT+3) starting from 5th May.

We will be going through the book "Beautiful Outlaw" on Zoom group meetings. Part of the study will be your own journey as you read one chapter of the book, answer questions in your participants guide and watch a short video each week before we get together. Then we can talk about it and pray together. You need to either have a copy of the book or the tribe membership to be able to watch the videos provided in the RHPLAY section:

The most exciting thing is that Jesus himself wants to reveal himself to us and He is the most important member of our gathering. In our study, in our fellowship, in our prayer He really shows up, often in unexpected ways, quiet and unspectacular and yet so powerful and lifechanging.

This is a group where there is freedom to be yourself, no judging, no comparing. Come as you are with an open heart to receive Jesus as he really is and your fellow brothers and sisters as they really are and wherever they are in their journey.

Primary Contact: 
Anna Kulinska
Tartu, Estonia
Virtual Gathering Connection Information: 

Contact me by e-mail for a detailed Zoom invitation for this study.

There are 18 chapters/videos. Once we gather and know our schedules we can discuss if we take a break during the summer months or do we want to take two chapters every week.

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RH Baltic Friends
I've been a part of this group for the last few months studying Beautiful Outlaw and it has been an absolute joy! So good to spend time with like-hearted friends, share deeply about faith and be on this journey of life together.
RH Baltic Friends
We all are so blessed by this group! Thank you Wild at Heart for encouraging us to do this!